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Our Inspection Features

· Certified, experienced, and professional technician

· Complete examination of structure's interior, including moisture-meter-testing of possible water intrusion points

· Air, swab, fragment, or ATP* (*see next bullet) sampling available with the number of samples controlled by you, the customer

· ATP Sampling: bio-contamination testing on surfaces or in liquids (including gray water, black water, and sewage) with instant and accurate results [this is an ATP molecules quantity test (quantification of intercellular microbial ATP)--click here for additional information

· Selected samples requiring laboratory scrutiny are attached to a “Chain of Custody” document, meeting legal standards for evidence, and sent to certified laboratory

· A written report of inspection discoveries, laboratory findings of identified mold genera (if applicable), and remediation recommendations, if needed


"Curtis was amazing and an expert at what he does. He s identified all the issues, while not overcharging for services not needed. I highly recommend him for any job." - Jennifer Y. from El Dorado Hills, CA

"Curtis is very professional and friendly. He didn't try to talk me into doing additional samples, in fact, he advised me to do fewer than I wanted. I called several places and his prices were competitive. I would definitely recommend him." - Jamie C. from Rocklin, CA


Mold and Your Health

It is a fact that molds produce allergens and irritants that can cause exposed individuals to experience symptoms of hay fever, i.e., sneezing, runny nose, skin rashes, irritated eyes, as well as nose, throat, and lung ailments.


Many toxic molds produce poisonous substances called mycotoxins. These toxins interfere with cell structures and processes, and have the potential to cause serious health issues. Their effects to the human body have been documented using controlled conditions in a laboratory. Mycotoxins have been proven to be present indoors with victims suffering from:

  • pulmonary hemorrhage or pulmonary hemosiderosis (primarily in infants),

  • headaches and other flu-like symptoms,

  • nosebleeds,

  • immune system suppression (resulting in increased numbers of infections),

  • hair loss,

  • chronic fatigue,

  • psychological depression,

  • diarrhea,

  • sore throats,

  • dermatitis.


Other symptoms that have been associated with mold:

  • "burning" eyes,

  • blurred vision,

  • respiratory illness,

  • chest pains,

  • chest tightness,

  • shortness of breath,

  • wheezing,

  • dry cough,

  • nasal congestion,

  • aggravated asthma,

  • cognitive disorder.

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Your Home Inspection Service

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Curtis Roberts Inspections Services provides you with professional assistance--certified mold inspectors--to find mold that could be hidden inside your walls, ceilings, floors, basement, crawl space, attic, as well as HVAC equipment and ducts. All technicians are certified and experienced in mold inspection (mold assessment) and mold testing; training includes sampling protocols and use of state-of-the-art equipment.

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